Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Landed In Germany

It is 8:50 AM here in Frankfurt, Germany as I write to you. Back home, it is 11:50 PM. My internal body clock is a bit out of whack because it looks like day time and it never really looked like night time on the plane.

The flight took the better part of 10 hours to complete the first leg of my journey. I was very fortunate and was able to sit in one of the emergency exit rows and did not have anyone sitting next to me – so I had plenty of space. One of the most interesting things I found was almost as soon I got off the plane I had to go back through security. Not that it is a big deal, but I still found it interesting.

The flight actually went through Canada and Greenland rather than across the United States. We could see the GPS tracking of the plane between movies on the plane.

I flew Lufthansa and the staff did a good job of paying attention to us and supplying us drinks and snacks throughout the journey.

We got to see the majority of 4 movies during the leg. We got to see the majority of Juno – the movie was interrupted during the baby delivery and we did not get to see the end of it; what I saw of the movie, it was good. We also got to see the sequel to National Treasure and it was pretty good as well. The third movie was Game Plan with Dwayne Johnson – it was good enough for me to want to add to my movie collection at some point. I don’t know the name of the fourth movie, but it stared Patrick Dempsey in a princess fairly tail. It was cute, but that is about it.

Make someone’s day and perform a random act of kindness. It could be as simple as talking to the person next to you to make their trip more pleasant.

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