Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Day, Mate

I have not been much of a world traveler when compared to some of my colleagues from work, but here I am in Sydney, Australia, for a third time.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so it is winter time here and summer back home. The current temperature is 19° C, which is about 66° F. It is comfortable to me, but cold for the locals.

During the week, I have been mainly working. This weekend, I have taken some time to walk around the city. Yesterday while walking around Hyde Park, I saw a couple of gentlemen playing chess in the park.

It was rather interesting watching old school battle Gen-X. The younger guy was quite confident in his abilities and his game. His problem was that he was too confident in his game. He made one move that cost him the game. He realized it and was actually a gracious loser. Fortunately for me I am easily entertained. I watched these guys play for about 15 minutes and it did not cost me anything but the 15 minutes of my time.

Last night a few of the guys and I went to dinner at a place called Durty Nelly's. The other guys all had the 300 gram sirloin steak. I had the Seared Duck Breast, Cider Braised Lentils, Caramelized Witloff. I highly recommend the seared duck break. The place is kind of a hole in the wall - if I did not know it was there, I wouldn't have ever known. This is one of those places that does not show up on the best places to go in Sydney, but really should.

Make someone's day and perform a random act of kindness. It could be as simple as taking them to a restaurant that entice their taste buds beyond belief.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what hotel are you staying at? how's the weather?


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