Thursday, February 22, 2007

Are You a Morning Person?

It seems that people are either morning or evening people. I have never heard anyone proclaim themselves to be an afternoon person.

I am a morning person. Sunrises in and of themselves should be able to make people morning people. As I blog, the sun has not even come close to showing itself. On the flip side of the coin, sunrises can be an awesome way to end a day.

In being a morning person, I can get a lot of things done before most people even consider hitting the snooze button the first time. At work, you have no idea how much more I get done prior to anyone coming into the office. At home, I can generally take care of some chores before anyone else gets up or catch up on current events or sports without getting interrupted by the phone.

I figure that any morning that I wake up is a pretty good morning. I've decided that this is a good morning. My worries from yesterday don't seem to as much of a concern yesterday. My troubles are not as many as I thought before I went to bed. My problems are not as big either. The morning has a way of making things better than they were the day before. There is no need to carry any extra baggage with you into the morning; I assure you that you will be busy enough during the day that you won't need any of yesterday's baggage.

Here's to this morning and each new morning and all the new that they bring.

Make someone's day this morning and perform a random act of kindness.

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Suezoo said...

Interestingly, to me anyway, I used to be exactly your kind of morning person when I was working. I truly enjoyed my "quiet time" at the beginning of the day. I used it to set the tone of my choosing for the hours to come.

Now that I'm at home, I find that I'm a night owl. The quiet dark hours serve a similar no-distractions purpose, more important now with my cognitive difficulties.

Reading your post has led me to ponder the "why" of the change.


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