Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Be a Better ...

Have you ever wished that people would [fill in the blank] you better?

For example, do you want people to treat you better? Start off by trying to treat them better. How about, people respecting you more? Try a little more respect towards them? Or how about, people understanding you better? Again, try a little more understanding towards them.

If you know your boss is busy and stressed on Mondays, then Monday is probably not a good day to ask for a favor. If you are aware of his/her hectic/heltic schedule and make your request on a day that is less stressful, you have a much better chance of getting what you want [obviously within reason] than you would by asking on a stressful Monday. This indirectly shows your boss that you are aware of the busy schedule on Mondays and are not adding another item to the to-think-about pile on a day when there is more to do than there is time in the day.

Listen to people, don't just hear them. You can hear someone speaking, but you can only comprehend what the person is saying by listening to the person. It shows the person respect when you are looking eye-to-eye when either of you is speaking. Don't interrupt the person even if you have figured out the answer to their question. Sometimes just listening to the person talk out the problem will give the person the time they need to resolve the problem on his/her own. Even if the person can't or doesn't resolve the problem on their own, you gave the person respect by listening to them.

Give people what they are asking for [again within reason] rather than something you want. If you give your wife the pro football television package for an anniversary or birthday gift instead of the dinner for two at [pick her favorite restaurant], you are probably not going to get the happy look that you have on your face [unless she really loves football too]. If you had actually listened to her when she was telling you what she would like, rather than just hearing her [her mouth was moving but all you heard was blah blah blah], you would have known what she wanted and you could have had her adoring admiration for the night rather than having to sleep on the couch.

Being observant to the habits of your kids could make a world of difference. If you are always running late because your kids can't find this, or they can't carry that because it is too bulky to carry with their other stuff, then it might behoove you to help make their routine easier. Put the stuff that they are always looking for in a central location. Put that bulky item in the car the night before so they or you don't have to go back for it when you are trying to leave in the morning.

It should not always be what other people need to change to make your life easier.

By helping other people with their tasks or issues it will make your life better in the long run. When they are happy they are less likely to try to make your life not so unhappy.

Knowing the boss's busy day and working around it makes you a better employee which should make you get noticed and the rest should take care of it self. Actually listening to your wife will make her happier which should have immediate rewards of making you happier because she is not yelling at you. Making a better routine for your kids in the morning should pay immediate dividends of not running [as] late in the mornings anymore.

Make someone's day and perform a random act of kindness. You will be surprised at how much better it makes your life.

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