Friday, June 29, 2007

Computer Geeks and Communicating with the Rest of the World

Computer geeks are generally a different group of people. In the good-old days, give a computer geek his computer and specifications for the part of the project to be worked on and leave the room - the computer geek would be happy as a clam.

But that was yesteryear.

Today communication skills and being personable are as important for a computer geek to possess as are coding and debugging skills.

Requirements gathering, interacting with other members of the team, customer facing, and making presentations to the rest of the world are just a few instances of how communication skills are necessary for today's computer geek.

The computer geek can no longer be a mole or troll and be locked up all day in front of a computer in a dark room coding or studying about the latest and greatest fad.

The new kinder and gentler computer geek of today must be able to use both sides of brain equally in order to make it today's world.

Make someone's day and perform a random act of kindness. Even if it is a computer geek. :-)

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