Thursday, June 28, 2007

The "i" World

The Babyboomers started it back in the 1980's by living the life of how to better yourself at almost any expense.

Apple brought the "i" to the electronic front by introducing the iPod and the other mini-variations of it. Then everyone had to have some kind of "i" compatible device.

Apple brings "i" to a new level tomorrow (6/29/2007) with the introduction of the iPhone. I think it does everything but fix you dinner and take out the trash. I am pretty sure that Apple is probably working on that as well.

I have a few buddies who are earlier adopters and at least one of them has been cooing about tomorrow like it were the second coming of Christmas. In his case, it pretty much is.

The supply will most likely not meet the demand. But the lucky few who do get one will have "i" bragging rights.

Good luck to my friends in your quest to be the first on your block with the new iPhone.

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