Friday, July 20, 2007

Parental Curses

There are very few things as effective as a parental curse.

What is a parental curse, you ask?

I am glad you asked.

Remember when you were a teenager and you did something that you were not supposed to do and you were told, most likely from your mother, that she hopes that you have children just like you; this way you understand exactly all the pain that you put her through.

Chances are that whatever it was you did, in the grand scheme of things, was not all that bad, but it definitely got on your mom's last nerve. Which brings me to the curse.

If you have children or even a single child, the chances are your child(ren) have done something in life that got on your last nerve. As time passes, whatever that something was, probably does not matter that much, if at all, but you got to feel exactly what your mom was talking about. And you got a child or children just like you were.

The other curse does not affect everyone, but it did affect me. Again if you did something bad and kept at it, your mom probably told you that if you kept it up, she would stick you where the sun does not shine.

By the time I was in eighth grade I was taller than my mom; I didn't think much most of her threats - I was a teenager, I knew everything and I was taller than she was. However, now many years later, I live near Portland, Oregon - where the sun ☼ doesn't shine all that much.

Make someone's day and perform a random act of kindness. They just might need it if they have been afflicted by the parental curse.

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