Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's All About Attitude

Attitude makes a difference.

My wife and I watched the movie Facing the Giants with some friends from church last night. Talk about delivering a message about how a good attitude can make a difference in your life - wow!

The movie uses high school football as it's medium to deliver its primary message that nothing is impossible with God. Football attracts the guys and a good story line attracts the gals. It is out on DVD and is a good watch for the entire family.

Besides it primary message, it stresses that with a good attitude, you will be able to accomplish a great deal. If you don't think you can do something, you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will fail.

Make someone's day and perform a random act of kindness with a positive attitude. It could be the nudge that someone needs to do the same.

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