Friday, May 4, 2007


Weather-wise, yesterday was a rather bizarre day. The morning started off with rain and then the sun came out for a very short amount of time, then it started raining again. Then it was just very overcast. If you live in the Pacific northwest, you are asking yourself "why is this so bizarre, it happens all the time." I am glad you asked; the bizarre part was the very cool sunset that I saw on my way home.

There was a section of the sky right in the middle of some black clouds that the sunset was just incredible. The pinks, reds, purples and oranges were some magnificent that no picture or photo could have done it justice. You had to be there to experience it yourself because it was not there very long. Just as it was disappearing, a rainbow showed across the black clouds. It was as if the rainbow borrowed some of the color from the sunset.

I think the reason that I enjoyed it so much was because it was framed by the black storm clouds and then the rainbow showed across the blackness. It was probably the second best thing I saw all day - only behind seeing my wife's loving face when I got home.

Again, the sunset did not last very long, but the quality of the sunset was something to marvel. Remember, it is not always quantity that it matters - it is often the quality. Enjoy the small things in life.

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