Friday, May 4, 2007

When Good People Do Good Things

I have a couple of buddies, Judy and Scott, who in-and-of themselves are good people. Now they are proving again that they are good people.

Both are participating in events to try to find a cure. They have different causes: Judy is walking to try to find a cure for breast cancer on her 3-day walk. Scott is walking to try to find a cure for diabetes on his walk.

Most of you know the old saying, "actions speak louder than words." For those of you who know my buddies, you know that they are seldom short on words. Both are again making their actions speak very loudly.

Hardly anyone has the finances to single handedly wipe out a disease, but together we can do just about anything.

If you have a cause that you already trying to help, good for you. If you know of one that you just have not made the time to help - consider this your nudge. It will definitely make someone's day as an act of kindness - random or not.

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